Femonoe tackles social media big data challenge

Femonoe helps you keep your material updated using resources from social media and news websites. The name comes from the Greek mythology were Phemonoe was a Greek poet of the ante-Homeric period. According to wikipedia she was said to have been the daughter of Apollo, his first priestess at the oracle of Delphi. In some studies, attributed to the phrase \”know thyself\” (γνῶθι σεαυτόν) found inscribed at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Like in the old days in Delphi, in today\’s social media world Femonoe provides answers by fetching, analyzing and sorting big data sets coming from social media discussions.  All you have to do is structure a thematic search that includes selecting a topic, identify your keywords, identify any negative keywords to exclude unwanted results, select your sources (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google News, Bing News are currently supported) and embed the outcome to your website, blog, LMS etc.

In brief, Femonoe follows a 3 step process to give you and your audience the information you need:

  1. Femonoe collects social media data from discussions around various social media networks,
  2. Stores, manages, indexes and analyzes big data sets,
  3. Gives you information you need based on your thematic search and keywords.

Femonoe analyzes big data sets of social media discussions to give you:

  • Accurate info about what is currently discussed around a topic,
  • Identify trends,
  • Provide insights.

Have a look at this short demo and apply to join Femonoe\’s private beta

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