Why you will love Femonoe


Femonoe uses a unique crawler to retrieve and store social media content from the supported networks, uses proprietary algorithms to index the results, sort results based on search terms relevancy, exclude unwanted results and reveal the mood of discussions. And all that while operating using the lowest server resources possible, performing extremely complex queries very […]

Social media big data at your service


Using Femonoe you can create thematic searches in supported social and news networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google news, Bing News and Reddit are currently supported) around a topic. Femonoe offers a unique service that allows you to know what is discussed in social media around a topic, identify trends, take part in the discussion and […]

Find out what is currently discussed


Femonoe provides constantly updated material around a subject and identifies current trends in social media. A thematic search is formed using keywords, both positive and negative, and retrieves results that can be sorted based on keyword relevance, popularity and retrieval date. The output can be easily embedded on any website.